…why and by who?

One day in India it suddenly occurred to me, as a group of new friends all enthusiastically declared they wanted to come to Japan (one spilling her chai as she did so), that what I’d been describing to them for the past hour or so must be vaguely interesting.  Time and again I’d tried to change the topic of conversation, but their questions kept coming at me.  There was no escape, unless I could start telling them boring things about the place I’d lived for much of the last 5 years.

But try as I might, I couldn’t think of anything boring to say about life in Tokyo, the culture, the colours, the design, the art, the food, the kids, the characters, the creatures, the madness, the festivals, the temples, the countryside, the obsessions, the convenience, the perversions,  the cleanliness, the pointlessness, the sophistication, the transportation…

Hence this blog.  I figured if I didn’t put this stuff down somewhere the “Japan” box in my brain would inevitably become overloaded and most would probably disappear into the big maybe oblivion zone.

A close friend shook me out of procrastination when he told me I should begin NOW.  Not when I’ve collected enough material, not when I’ve rescheduled my life, not when I’m in the mood.  No – NOW.   ok….

I’m originally from England, with a background in computers and photography, design and Art.  And since the lure of the exoticism of new discoveries inspired me early on, I have devoted myself to a variety of careers, locations and lifestyles.  A strong sense of integrity has protected me from to getting into as much trouble as I might like to.  But not always.

There’s a lot to appreciate and be enthusiastic about in life. I try to share that.

My list:

journeys,     boundaries & limits,     the unknown,     moods and atmospheres,     exotica,     change,     randomness,     coffee,     tetrapods,     the bigger picture,
tiny creatures,     electric towers,     colour,     infinity,     the horizon,     holes,
the sound of night insects,     distant lights,     warm evenings,     retro futurism,
sushi,    intense thunderstorms,     temple incense,     jungle,     beliefs,
cycling,     faint unidentifiable radio signals,     chai,     flexible reality,
high technology in nature,     green tea flavoured stuff,     silence

Tokyo, 2009

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