Tokyo Night Views


Tokyo, a truly spectacular city by night.

The incredible density of buildings seen above is but a tiny fragment from the full city-wide view (below). The sheer size of the city seen from such a height is staggering, with an ocean of lights stretching away to become a blur on the horizon, each individual light signifying a house, an office, a shop, a street scene, a car.

And wherever there are lights, there are people. Within this photograph alone, unseen but present, close to ten million!

Warm Night, Looking East.

It’s humbling to witness. Humbling yet at the same time inspiring and elevating, to feel both one’s complete insignificance, and the freedom that signifies.

The only times I recall experiencing similar feelings were standing looking out across the Indian Himalayas, and gazing into the deep night sky above a vast desert – the only difference being that in those places one feels humbled by nature’s magnitude, whereas here it’s all man-made.

Moments of wonder.

(click all images to enlarge)

Looking West After Storm, Dusk.

~ by JapanGasm on 17 September, 2014.

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