Sex Change Hippo


I love to go out cycling at night. And now that the weather has warmed up, this year’s season has begun. It’s a superb way to discover new and remarkable things in Tokyo.

Sometimes on these night rides I go where whim takes me. Other times I may be on my way to or from somewhere else and simply try a route I haven’t taken before. Doing so, it’s extraordinary how often one can stumble across quite incredible stuff close to home.

This hippo lives only 2km from where I live, yet, because she’s in an otherwise unremarkable street in the middle of the phenomenal concentration of stuff that is Tokyo, I’d have never found her were it not for my strategy of rejecting the roads well-travelled.

Blessings be to randomness.


Interestingly, Google Maps Street View is currently showing a 2 year-old image and sometime between then and now the creature has clearly changed gender:


Of course for the best impression of this beast’s cool and space-filling presence, click to view the 3D images below.





~ by JapanGasm on 18 May, 2013.

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