Green Peace


Peace. Green Peace.

This is an advertisement. For travel to a beautiful part of countryside Japan? For freedom and escape? For a summer activity? For a film?

No. It’s an ad for beer.

Far from the usual themes used to promote beer in other countries – parties, sports, sexiness, entertainment, refreshment from hot activities, nights out – Japanese beer ads are often far more gentle or serene in their approach.

And of these, the Kirin Green Label ads are particularly interesting. The current campaign features relaxed lads sitting in country fields among sheep.

The lads, being from a famous boy band, Arashi, guarantee that sales will be strong.


Here they are in action:

Previous Kirin Green campaigns include various colourful guys goofing around on hillsides and a giant clutching an enormous radish. Certainly not your regular beer ads.



For more Kirin Green entertainment, check out the videos below…


~ by JapanGasm on 30 April, 2013.

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