Tokyo Spooky


Emerging from the station late one night and waiting to cross the road, I was confronted with an eerily ghoulish sight. Across the road, in the glow of the streetlamps, a giant skull-like bush, grinning menacingly straight back at me.

Now this is a spot I’ve passed by possibly hundreds of times over the years, completely oblivious. Yet now on this one night the place suddenly transformed.

The sinister nature of this thing is truly compelling. I have no idea whether the bush was intentionally sculpted this way, but Japan being Japan I could almost guarantee it wasn’t. And that just makes the appearance of this visage even more freaky.

Nor have I any idea how long the macabre character has been here, lurking silently beyond the boundary of my (and others’) recognition. Possibly for years…

Momentarily spine-chilling but ultimately very cool.

The spookiest plant in Tokyo? It may well be.

Click to check out the 3D images below…
3D viewing instructions here.





Yes – it’s big!!


~ by JapanGasm on 26 April, 2013.

4 Responses to “Tokyo Spooky”

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  2. that’s interesting. you even placed in the scale… i spotted easter island ones on a similar type of bush in Melbourne.

    • Please send a link or make a blog post about those – always love to see examples of cool forms (especially like tiki/polynesian style…) or paredolia!

      • I wished I had those photos to show, but I don’t. Anyway, keep sharing about the idiosyncrasies of Japan, it’s eye an eye-opener.

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