Sakura Dogs and Sakura Bunnies


Springtime is sakura (cherry blossom) time, and not only do people love to take photos of the trees but it’s also a perfect opportunity to bring out the pets, dress them up and take some happy portraits to preserve for posterity.

Fido Craves Attention

Humiliating as one imagines it must be for the animals, many actually seem to revel in the moment like these dogs in Yoyogi Park.


Personally I think these kinds of small dogs (inexplicably popular in Japan) are quite horrible little creatures, and dressing them up like this simply adds to their un-appeal.

Nevertheless, within seconds (predictably, as whenever anything even vaguely construable as cute appears in public in Japan) crowds appear and, smiling and laughing, pull out cameras and snap away.




They may look and act cute, but don’t try to move them when they don’t want to. These little bastards pack one nasty snarl when provoked.


Thumper Sits Oblivious

One really has to wonder sometimes about that special connection that exists between humans and their animal friends.

In Aoyama Reien, a very popular sakura spot in Tokyo (see photos here), a couple bring their obviously well-loved rabbit for its special portrait.

Bringing not only the pathetic-looking rodent but also a small table on which to place it, they spent close to 30 minutes taking photographs in different positions, under different trees – mostly alone but in other shots being lovingly embraced by one of its owners:


“I love you, Sakura Bunny…”


Thumper is not in the least bit interested.


After being manhandled…


“Together Forever”


~ by JapanGasm on 15 April, 2013.

3 Responses to “Sakura Dogs and Sakura Bunnies”

  1. My boss in China had one of these poodle dogs. She brought it to work everyday – it was better dressed than most people in the office. Some of those outfits… One day it was wearing these shiny silver trousers that just sorta squeaked when it walked. It was depressing and I don’t think the dog really understood what was going on.

    • I’m sure the dog wasn’t too happy about it, although many owners here who dress their dogs seem to believe their pet “likes it”. Even when you you look them in the eye and say “Really?”.

      Silver trousers – that’s just not right. Maybe the owners should try it themselves for a day before inflicting it on their pet.

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