Tokyo Sky Tree: a Definitive Guide (part 6) – Lights On!

A few hours ago, Tokyo Sky Tree switched it’s lights on and treated thousands in Tokyo with an incredible display of lighting effects. For the first time (other than some brief previous tests) people witnessed the structure in its full after-dark glory.

The event was unannounced and came as a total surprise to those lucky enough to witness the spectacle.


I was incredibly fortunate, having visited the Sky Tree site late in the afternoon to check the latest developments.

After sunset I headed to a bridge where a dedicated group of photographers gather almost every night to photograph the tower. The most beautiful shots of Tokyo Sky Tree are generally obtained from this very spot about an hour after sunset as the last traces of light glow on its surface against a darkening sky.

But tonight that didn’t happen.

People were stood around waiting for the sky to darken, chatting, preparing equipment. And suddenly there was a wonder-filled communal gasp followed by a rapid clicking of shutters as out of the blue the world’s tallest tower vividly and spectacularly lit up.

We were treated not only to one lighting formation but 9 or 10 over a period of around 2 hours.

Gradually, as the news obviously spread, more and more people arrived – old and young alike gazing up with expressions of wonder.

Following are just a few quick sample shots.   (click images to enlarge)

After an hour I hurried away back to the riverside park at nearby Asakusa.

With the sakura (cherry-blossom) in full bloom across Tokyo today, thousands were sitting in parks lining the Sumida River at Asakusa and had a perfect view across the water and beyond to where Sky Tree dominates the skyline:

Here’s a great image shared on one of the best Tokyo Sky Tree blogs, showing all the different colours we can expect to see:

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~ by JapanGasm on 10 April, 2012.

5 Responses to “Tokyo Sky Tree: a Definitive Guide (part 6) – Lights On!”

  1. It`s beautiful…

    • Absolutely. And it looks far more amazing in real life than in an iPhone photograph! (my camera batteries had died as I’d been shooting all weekend and not recharged)

  2. Hi. Can I know where is this bridge the photographers gather at? thanks.

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