Tokyo Sky Tree and Weather


Perhaps due to it’s staggering height, Tokyo Sky Tree changes remarkably with the weather. Today some beautiful changes took place over a short period of time.

Viewed from Nippori above and below, as the rainclouds began to clear the tower stood protruding through a 300m layer of cloud.


Within an hour and viewed from Shinjuku, the setting sun and moving clouds projected a constantly changing pattern of illumination and shadows on the tower.

Whereas smaller buildings were either sunlit or not, Tokyo Sky Tree at times had multiple different patches of light at varying heights on its surface.

(click all images to enlarge)

~ by JapanGasm on 24 March, 2012.

One Response to “Tokyo Sky Tree and Weather”

  1. Nice series there as the light moves up the tower. Very cool shots. Animated gif?

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