Fake Wood Water Fountain


Japanese playgrounds are filled with incredible and unique concrete things. One quite fascinating area of design is that of water fountains.

Here, in a small playground in an older part of Tokyo, we have a cool example of fake wood used in a truly functional way.

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At left, a “chopped branch” serves as a raised platform on which the kids can stand to reach the water. The branch sticking out to the side provides a perfect hand rest for stability.

And on the right we see a nicely notched drainage channel which carries the water away. This design ensures that no extra drainage pipes or holes are required in the structure – not only cheaper but also avoids the need for maintenance due to blockages.

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A handy tap for cleaning feet or dogs.

Note the second use of fake wood for the ledge in the foreground. And across the road the lovely bamboo fence.

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~ by JapanGasm on 17 March, 2012.

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