The Alien Invasion – it’s a Gas!

They’re everywhere – outside homes, resting against walls, hiding in the undergrowth and under stairs.

Japan’s most commonly seen urban creature is both cute and alien.

Where do they live?

These welcomingly familiar smiling mechanical faces greet you in places new and old, dark and bright, from small residential streets to large, hectic thoroughfares.

They stand, silent and happily staring out as you walk by.

Some are tall and some are short. Many stand while others hang.

Permutations and Formations

Of course as one would expect with such a life form, they don’t always hang out alone.

Formidably lined up along the side of a mansion block.

A family group stands in a row in a Harajuku alleyway.

Monster-sized aliens in a garden.

Vertically arranged aliens with nearby crocodile bins.

Relatively unobtrusive from a distance, this group neatly angles down the underside of a staircase.

Of extra interest here is the highly original concertina-styled “instant garage” design in the foreground:

Have you seen these guys around? What do you think of them?

Please leave your comments!


~ by JapanGasm on 19 February, 2012.

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