Not What You Think – Stick it in Your Mouth!

It has been a while since I posted anything about bizarre Japanese products, so I thought I’d remedy that by showing a quite extraordinary thing.

This incredible object is designed to be stuck in the mouth, after which attempts are made to speak.

No, it isn’t an erotic device, although it undoubtedly looks like it could be used as one. Think carefully before buying one for your girlfriend.

It’s the latest フェイススリマー (“face slimmer”), a way to tighten up and strengthen all your sagging facial muscles, thereby reducing the telltale aging signs of wrinkles and slimming the face.

Stick it in the mouth, repeat the vowel sounds “a – i – u – e – o”, and Bob’s your uncle.

Does it work? Who knows, but the thing appears on numerous large online sales sites in amusing advertising pages:   here’s one   and   here’s another  .

Given its widespread promotion one assumes it must bring some kind of positive results, even if only psychological. And it’s difficult to imagine that it isn’t being used for other than its intended purpose too.

Great for couples, but potentially traumatising for young people. Imagine walking in on your mother wearing this thing:


And let’s not leave the boys out of it either.

It’s remarkable value too. You can attain such a smooth wrinkle-minimised complexion for a mere 4,000 yen – less than the cost of a small tub of face cream.

At that price it’s definitely worth a try. And if you don’t see improvements with your face, you can still use it in other creative ways!


~ by JapanGasm on 11 February, 2012.

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