Cats vs Bottles (part 2) – proof!

It seems appropriate to offer a little confirmation of the claims made a few days ago in this post on nekoyoke (“cat repellants”), that plastic bottles are completely ineffective in deterring cats.

Well, here’s proof.

first, a few more images of japanese bottle zones

and the truth about nekoyoke…

Even kittens aren’t scared!

An example of the sunlight “flashes” that supposedly scare cats.

Unless blind, this cat would certainly see the “scary” reflections.

Ginger cats have no problem either.

The popular morning news magazine show, Mezamashi TV, actually tested the theory.

They collected a bunch of cats, surrounded bowls of food with a circle of bottles and then let the cats loose.

Here’s the video:

So there we have it. Myth successfully busted.

Please leave comments below, and remember – always be kind to kittens.

~ by JapanGasm on 30 January, 2012.

One Response to “Cats vs Bottles (part 2) – proof!”

  1. […] Even out beyond the built-up urban areas of concrete, people make lovely plastic bottle arrangements. And, I assume, the cats continue to ignore them. […]

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