A Dark Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree – by day, spectacular. And by night, dark. The lights haven’t yet been switched on and won’t be until opening day on 22nd of May, 2012.

However, although the tower isn’t yet bathed in the purple or blue light that it will be in future, I find it quite extraordinary at night. It stands like a dark gargantuan monolith, a quite awe-inspiring sight which after next May will not be seen again.

And there’s another soon-never-to-be-seen view on misty nights. When the light of the surrounding area holds in the air, the tower is illuminated by this ambient light and rises white in a grey sky, monochrome and colossal.

(click images to enlarge)


~ by JapanGasm on 14 December, 2011.

3 Responses to “A Dark Tokyo Sky Tree”

  1. Really like the second photo

    • This is the view from outside the Sakura gift shop, mentioned here.
      If you haven’t been there yet, go! It’s truly staggering.
      These winter nights in Tokyo have beautiful clear skies, so standing underneath the tower gives you an incredible view of Sky Tree’s skeletal silhouette.

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