A Smiling Polar Bear – and more!

Updating a previous post, Find Your Car With Animals!, I recently headed back to Narita Airport to photograph more of the creatures.

There are 7 animals in all, from the second basement to the roof.
Images of each floor’s lifts:
(click the images to enlarge)

I was happy to discover that on each floor there is a rack between the lifts containing cards imprinted with that floor’s animal, the idea being that one takes a card and is reminded easily on which floor one’s car is parked. Convenient, useful, and heartwarming.

The lower basement and roof levels didn’t have such cards, presumably as they would be easy to remember anyway.

Unfortunately though I wasn’t able to find anyone who could inform me of the choice of animals – why these 7, and whether there was any logic to their vertical hierarchy.

The wolf at the bottom eats the reindeer perhaps, which is friends with the rabbit, which is cute like a penguin, which lives at the opposite pole to the polar bear….?

Any guesses? Please leave comments below.


~ by JapanGasm on 15 October, 2011.

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