Sim City Tokyo with Aircon

From the 28th floor of L-Tower, one gazes down on a very cool scene. The buildings of Shinjuku spread out in front and below, and stretching across the centre of Tokyo towards the east and Tokyo Sky Tree. Immediately below, little antlike people scamper and scurry. Toy cars and buses zip between buildings and the railway tracks run through the middle of it all with tiny trains zooming back and forth and off into the distance.

From this particular viewpoint, Tokyo seems just like a live version of Sim City, an isometric arrangement of pixel buildings and animated transportation.

And looking down on these buildings, it’s amazing to see the rooftops covered with an inordinate variety of air conditioning units in lines, in piles, some big, some small, some thin, some round, some square…

This is the modern side of Tokyo, in stark contrast to the old and traditional.

It’s exciting in its own way, but it does trigger opposing thoughts and leaves me wondering what a difference there’d be if the city developers and architects incorporated some more eco-friendly ideas like those of Hundertwasser.

~ by JapanGasm on 13 October, 2011.

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