Shape Up With Coffee!

Perhaps more frequently seen than any other advertisements in Japan are those for coffee – canned and bottled, hot or cold. A phenomenal number of new coffees are released each year (although mostly by the same few big brands) and each targets a specific demographic.

Last year there was this post about a new coffee line from Kirin. Today there’s the current summertime Georgia lineup.

Just as beer adverts in Japan have a distinctly different tone than in the west, so do coffee ads. Here we have groups of men, hyped and buzzing, having fun after (presumably) drinking Georgia coffee with the words “sorry, we’re men” emblazoned in front of them.

(click the images to enlarge)



…screw the guitar ad – we’re putting our coffee ad in front of it!


~ by JapanGasm on 2 August, 2011.

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