Claustrophobia begone!


Walking round Tokyo it’s almost impossible not to encounter buildings in various stages of construction. Or destruction.

Often a familiar building will suddenly have vanished, torn down and dismantled within days, leaving no trace but the void where it once stood. No piles of dirt or rubbish, no sign of wholesale destruction, nothing.

In the case of this building only a blue tarpaulin remains, sandbags neatly dotted across it to keep it from blowing away.

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I always feel happy for the people in neighbouring buildings who now, temporarily, have a clear view to things they may never have seen before. Especially fortunate are those in the building next door whose windows previously looked out at nothing but a depressing blank wall, close enough to reach out and touch. Suddenly their rooms are filled with light and air, and their view transformed into a free and open vista.

But any joy will be short-lived, perhaps only for a few weeks, as very soon the darkness will surely close them in once more.

Note the unusual double U-tube and the Alien gas meter.


~ by JapanGasm on 27 July, 2011.

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