The Mameshiba One-Armed Bandit

There’s a cute game on the Mameshiba homepage, a kind of Mameshiba slot machine, which allows you to win free Mameshiba desktop wallpaper for your computer.

All the characters are there, and whichever one you match, you can download the corresponding wallpaper.

To check out the game click here.

Or if you really are too busy to play and win the wallpapers, you can see them all below:

(click the images to enlarge)

~ by JapanGasm on 25 July, 2011.

5 Responses to “The Mameshiba One-Armed Bandit”

  1. Tnx for the pictures! It’s really a great help

  2. thanks 🙂
    I’ve try on that game for about half an hour!

  3. Reblogged this on pineapplegu and commented:
    wow! cute! ワウ!かわいいですね!

  4. Cute wallpapers 🙂 but what is mameshiba?

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