The Coolest Tower So Far

On a trip to Shikoku this summer I had an unexpected encounter with something superb.
A true piece of wonder stuff.

Japan is covered with electric towers, wires and pylons and lots of stuff made of concrete but this was unlike anything I’d ever seen before or since.

(click images to enlarge)

It sits next to a river on the outskirts of Takamatsu. I stayed there a short time, watching as many people parked their cars nearby and ate their lunch underneath it in its shadow.

Nearby is a model aircraft flying club, and remote-controlled planes buzzed in the air, flying up and down the river valley and spinning in loops and turns. I ate some bananas and raisin buns and drank Pocari Sweat.

Shortly before I had cycled through this junction which also struck me as quite cool:

(click all images to enlarge)


~ by JapanGasm on 28 December, 2009.

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