Found Videos – Being In Japan

No video can even begin to cover anything other than a smattering of glimpses of this rich and complex culture and society, but all those that follow in their own way vividly capture aspects of the feeling of being in Japan. Something which really comes through is the general sense of calm in these massive Japanese cities, something I mentioned before in this Urban Hecticism post.

One reason is obviously the lack of traffic noise but even where there are cars, the scene seems somehow quieter than the Western cities I’m familiar with.

I recently found these videos online and thought them worth sharing with a wider audience. I recommend watching all of these fullscreen and in High Definition for maximum immersion.

The first one cruises Tokyo from early morning to night, and really gives a sense of the distinctive atmosphere of various areas of the city and how they change at different times of day:
(click the HD button and go fullscreen!)

This one cruises Kyoto: (click the HD button and go fullscreen!)

And this one Osaka: (click the HD button and go fullscreen!)

I also discovered a mad 21-days-in-7-minutes image compilation which by it’s sheer momentum and momentary glimpses encompasses the feeling of travelling in this beautiful country – from restaurants and cities to temples and countryside cycling. Very cool indeed.
(click the HD button and go fullscreen!)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If I’d never come to Japan I know these would have given me a genuine taste.



~ by JapanGasm on 6 December, 2009.

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