Makeovers, Tokyo Style

Q:  What’s something one always sees at train stations but because of its functionality is usually a visual eyesore?
A:  Lockers.

They’re square, metal, gridlike.  So of course this being Japan, the issue is how to make these generally unsightly walls of metal boxes attractive or appealing to look at.

One solution can be found at Shinjuku Station, where the lockers are transformed into large artworks, images of nature, or other pleasing designs. The theme is periodically changed, so commuters are regularly surprised and/or delighted by fresh images.

The current theme is (no surprises here) – cute animals!

(click images to enlarge)

They gaze out wide-eyed or stand proudly in prominent larger-than-life goodness, totally out of their natural habitat and apparently observing the urban hecticism and crowds passing by. I stood and watched for a while as girls cooed “Kawaii!” and small children no less excitedly ran around and chose inside which body part of which animal their parents should store belongings.


~ by JapanGasm on 5 December, 2009.

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