Heartwarming Sounds

Arriving at Higashi Totsuka station, I heard some sweet sounds as I climbed the stairs from the platform. I thought lovely little birds were chirping, and I gazed round to look for them, but all I saw was this:

Noticing anti-pigeon spikes on the surrounding surfaces and hearing crows cawing outside the station, I then guessed that the sounds were used to somehow repel birds from the platform – perhaps mimicking some bird distress call or another.

Upon checking with a staff member in the station office shortly afterwards however, he advised me that the speaker had been installed simply in order that passengers could “feel good” as they leave the platform, an explanation which instantly warmed my heart…


~ by JapanGasm on 4 December, 2009.

One Response to “Heartwarming Sounds”

  1. […] Thus disturbing thoughts of what’s really going on won’t enter people’s imagination. It’s all designed to help people feel good, just as the lovely bird sounds I documented before. […]

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