Don’t Do It On The Train!

A popular and ongoing series of posters has been appearing on the Tokyo Metro system for almost 2 years now, encouraging train commuters to respect the comfort of other passengers. Each month a new design is added to the collection.

Every poster features an inconsiderate commuter using inappropriate behaviour on a train along with dismayed fellow travellers, and is headed by the phrase “Please do it (at home/outside/later/etc)”.

Other typical examples include an inconsiderate commuter speaking on a mobile phone, or eating food.

The full collection can be seen at the Tokyo Metro website.
link updated to new gallery, 20110619


~ by JapanGasm on 1 December, 2009.

3 Responses to “Don’t Do It On The Train!”

  1. I loved those posters. Every month I looked out for the new design. Really a clever way to encourage good behaviour. Humour!

  2. […] on from this previous post, the Tokyo Metro website now has a full gallery showing historical “manner posters” […]

  3. Strange behaviour which I can t see the thinking behind, and potentially annoying for new users used to old behaviour.

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