Tetrapods Tetrapods Tetrapods!

It seems that tetrapods are generating quite a bit of interest, so here are a few links to tetrapod-related sites in Japanese:

Tetrapod cushions: lots of pictures here and more here.
(if these 2 don’t show the cushions, click on the blue text at the top of the page)

Wooden tetrapods: make your own!

And concrete mini-tetrapods: make your own!

A bizarre video presented by Kuro and Toro (strange 3D-rendered cats with puddings for heads) about Ken Oyama, the tetrapod guy written about in my first tetrapod post:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And an Amazon link to all the books authored by Ken Oyama (although disappointingly no tetrapod books as yet).

Here’s a page with tetrapod photos and here’s another photo page.

A selection of YouTube videos.

And flickr has over 70 photos.

Here you can buy some tetrapods for the house…but not these huge ones from Japan’s biggest tetrapod-manufacturer, FudoTetra.

Buy fabric which looks like a traditional Japanese style but in fact features tetrapods!

Tetrapod erasers! More images here and here.

Tetrapod T-shirts here and here and here.

And finally, an incredibly lovely rotating tetrapod avatar.

~ by JapanGasm on 20 November, 2009.

3 Responses to “Tetrapods Tetrapods Tetrapods!”

  1. […] For more tetrapod links, check this post. […]

  2. what is the size of one tetrapod and what is the amount of concrete required for casting one tetrapod ,and what is the cost of one tetrapod or how many tetrapod are required for covering 400m area with height 6m

    • I have no idea about costs, area, etc. I am not selling tetrapods! Follow my links to the tetrapod company – they can probably answer your questions.

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