Don’t Play Volleyball!

A number of girls in Japan seem to have a fetish for ridiculously extreme fingernail fashion. Not only exotic paint jobs, but the insertion of rings and looped chains, and gluing on of objects including marbles and stones.

Even more disturbing though is the sight of nails so abnormally long as to be a hindrance to daily life. How, for example, can someone with 10cm nails easily hold and use chopsticks? Or a computer keyboard or phone or iPod? Or towel dry their hair after a bath? Or chop vegetables or cook? Or even get dressed?

Here’s a girl I saw in a Tokyo train – unbelievable claws! The mind boggles to imagine the strange contorted efforts she must adopt in order to carry out even the most rudimentary tasks.



(click images to enlarge)


~ by JapanGasm on 7 November, 2009.

2 Responses to “Don’t Play Volleyball!”

  1. …or wipe her ass…

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