WTF?? It’s amazing!

Check out this satellite photo – a peninsula protruding into Tokyo Bay. I recently made a journey to Chiba to visit this place, where there appears to be a rather intriguing structure on the end of the peninsula.


Here’s a closer look:


What is it? Simply put, one of the most incredible examples of Wonder Stuff I’ve ever seen.


Yeah! Fantastic!

This astonishing multi-level labyrinthine pile of platforms was built in 2004 and stands 5 storeys high. The Meiji Centennial Memorial Observation Tower (明治百年記念) consists of a multitude of interconnected staircases and platforms, all of which offer equally beautiful views of Tokyo Bay.
The day I visited it was raining, but I’m told on a clear day one can look out across the water and see the iconic form of Mt Fuji in the distance, rising majestically over the opposite shore.

Why build such a bizarre structure rather than a single viewing platform? Why not I say! It’s a remarkable achievement – spectacular, totally original, utterly absurd and hilarious in its conception. All of which means of course one cannot help but be impressed, gazing up as it stands like an ancient retro-futurist monument on the end of the peninsula, towering above the landscape.

Not surprisingly it has become a local landmark and the council is trying to use it to promote tourism to the area.







A phenomenal piece of design.

So much so that it was used as the location for a couple of promotional videos by one of Japan’s most famous pop idols, Hamasaki Ayumi. The song itself is rather appalling, but the platform looks great!

“Sunset – Love Is All” (Day version):

“Sunrise – Love Is All” (Night version):


~ by JapanGasm on 5 November, 2009.

2 Responses to “WTF?? It’s amazing!”

  1. Wow! It really IS an amazing structure. Endless photo opportunities, no doubt!

    • I’m planning to return on a sunny day with Fuji views and also imagine it could be a great place to photograph (and generally hang out at) on a warm evening with starry skies…

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